Bahrain and English Teaching Jobs

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Published: 02nd December 2009
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Bahrain is a small island country in Gulf that offers excellent job opportunities especially in the field of teaching. English teachers are high in demand here as English language has become the most preferred means of communication between locals and immigrants. Its role is also important in hospitality industries like hotels, airports as well as in other businesses involving services. And since the natives of Bahrain are not well versed in the language, they need higher number of people to teach English.

In Bahrain, it is mandatory to include English as a second language in the national curriculum in schools. But due to the inadequate number of native English speakers, these institutions are compelled to employ outsiders as English teachers. This is why teaching jobs are advertised hugely on bigger platforms like newspapers, websites, etc. and in various countries. The population of expatriates in the region is so high that there are many English medium schools being set up for their children. Private schools in Bahrain are plentiful and growing, thus, raising the number of jobs in teaching. Also, in the schools with different mediums of teaching like French schools, English is taught as a language subject ultimately adding to the demand of English tutors.

There are many state schools in Bahrain for local dwellers that are controlled by the Ministry of Education. They serve Bahrainis who wish to learn English as a second language to broaden their employment avenues as well as to cope up with the modern society. They also extend service to the non-English speaking expatriate community which leads to the higher demand for English experts. As it majorly functions for the working population who can take classes only in evening, the working hours in these schools maybe longer and may require working even in night. Sometimes, there are training courses to be attended by the teachers in order to learn the training methods that schools adhere to. It involves both gaining and imparting the learning.

The opportunities for English language experts are not limited to this yet, they have further more options. In the free hours, they can give tuitions and make a few extra bucks. It has become a significant means of employment in many Gulf States with the growing realization of the importance of English. The requirement for tutors is seen especially in the times of examination. Generally, newspapers carry advertisements for such openings.

The centres of British Council in Bahrain also employ English teachers for which one requires a recognized qualification such as an RSA diploma or PGCE in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Another requisite is a minimum of two years teaching experience. English teachers can also provide services as translators and interpreters. Translators are absorbed mainly in translating legal and contractual documentation and technical papers and interpreters are required mostly at seminars and on management training courses. These types of jobs are generally part-time or on a short-term basis.

Before one decides to take up a job in Bahrain, he/she needs to attain some information on the culture and lifestyle of the country to be able to adjust easily into it. Bahrain is a conservative Arabic country. The laws of the country are stringent and the lifestyle conventional. The country does not permit homosexuality or live-in relationships. One should be careful in dealing with women as their culture does not encourage mingling between men and women. Though it offers good money and lifestyle, the laws regarding work permit are strict and one needs a local sponsor to get the permission to work.

It is generally either the employer or the agent who gets all the formalities completed but it is advisable to go through a reliable sponsor to avoid any problems later on. One must consult the foreign office before accepting jobs in Bahrain as it doesn't allow expatriates to become permanent residents. It wants to be a self sufficient country but is in the developmental stage currently thus welcoming the services of expatriates to meet the internal needs. Foreigners are generally treated well and paid handsomely and are also rewarded for their services.

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