Dubai hospitality sector: the dream of many!

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Published: 07th December 2011
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Dubai, one of the Emirates is known for its tourist attractions and a wide spectrum of job opportunities that it offers. Being a hotshot tourist destination, the city attracts a number of travelers who come to visit this place every year. This has enhanced multiple job opportunities in the hospitality sector as well. As a result, hotel jobs in Dubai are fast becoming an attractive job prospect for many job seekers all over the world. It was seen that the recent negative economic scenario had an impact on all sectors barring the hospitality industry only, which was one of the fastest recuperating sectors.

In Dubai, many new hotels have come up to meet the demand of the increasing number of customers. Hotel chains are opening more and more outlets to remain in the race of occupying prominent position in the Dubai hotel industry. Positivity and optimism is in the air, and the development in the hospitality sector has given new hope to the many job seekers who wish to find hotel jobs in Dubai. Tourism and trade in Dubai has also survived recession and has geared up again to reap profits.

It is believed that Dubai is now on an economic up-swing as per a recent review by experts in the market. According to the studies conducted in this sector, over 50% hotels were planning on hiring, with 25% sure of hiring, and over 25% were most likely to hire which is positive news for the Dubai hotel job market.

The unique feature of hotel jobs in Dubai is that it offers opportunities to skilled as well as unskilled people as well. Many times the hotels hire untrained people and then train them according to their requirements. Dubai has become a most sought after place for hotel job opportunities as many prestigious hotels have started their operations in this magnificent city.

A wide range of jobs is available in these hotels. The candidates who do not have specialized educational background, experience and necessary skills can join entry level jobs which do not require much expertise. Entry level job is that of a doorman, butler, bell boys, housekeeping attendants, porters, waiters, stewards, bar attendants, back office attendants, etc. People with higher qualification and more experience can go for higher level jobs in various functional areas of a hotel like Front Office, Housekeeping, Food and Beverages, Bar, Coffee Shops, Maintenance, and Engineering etc.

As far as hotel jobs in Dubai are concerned, there is no dearth of options. Many prominent hotels have add on facilities like spas, gyms, yoga centers, beauty parlors, shopping arcades, travel desk, car rentals, sightseeing service etc. Jobseekers get a gamut of options to choose from and one can become masseurs, beauty experts, yoga instructors, sales representative in shops, guides, office staff, etc.

The most important qualifications for any hotel job in Dubai are courtesy, positive attitude, patience, perseverance, and pleasing personality, smiling demeanor, humility and warmth. This is a service-based industry: hence the above mentioned attributes are a must in every hotel employee. The industry works on the principles of servitude hence the employees who are a significant part of this industry must always remember to serve the guests with humility and respect.

Salaries offered in Dubai hotel jobs vary from hotel to hotel. Usually at entry level jobs, the salaries are not very high but it is compensated by handsome tips which is a common culture and custom in this industry. As one moves higher in an organization, the salaries improve and various other facilities like subsidized food, etc are also offered to the employees. All these features makes hotel jobs in Dubai a much sought after choice of many jobseekers.

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