Working in Dubai, One-of-a-Kind Experience

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Published: 28th June 2010
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Dubai is on the threshold of becoming a dynamic powerhouse of the Middle East as it continues to witness rapid economic growth. The objective of diversification is working well with Dubai as bustling with economic activities; it has made large scale improvements in various sectors. The need to recruit high caliber professionals has created hundreds of HR jobs in Dubai so as to support the massive hiring activities within and outside the organizations.

Jobs in Dubai have been the hottest in the Middle East for nearly a decade now and are sure to continue the hold. The vast numbers of job opportunities available have helped not only the professionals get their dream jobs but also the economy of Dubai in growing exponentially. It is for this exact reason that expatriates get a hearty welcome in the city and is much more liberal than other parts of the Gulf. Despite being a Muslim city, it is not conservative and allows free practice of one's beliefs and customs. Jobs in Dubai can be grabbed if one has the right amount of required experience, qualification, expertise and skill set.

One needs to be sponsored by the employer to work and live in the city of Dubai. This is true for working in other regions of Gulf as well since it is the responsibility of the employer to transport the professional safely to the city. The company pays for flight tickets, visa charges and other expenses that may be required to incur to reach Dubai. The accommodation and transportation within the city is also generally paid by him as cost of living in Dubai is very high. One must be clear on these things before taking up the job and moving to the new city to avoid troubles later. For this, it is essential to read the employment contract carefully and understand everything clearly without keeping any scope for miscommunication. Jobs in Dubai are very rewarding but one must assess how much is he/ she saving at the end of the day and then take a prudent decision about accepting the employment offer.

Working in Dubai is worthwhile given its glamorous image and the magnificent wonders across the city. The most important concern for anyone moving out of his home country is the monetary benefit in the new place. One can even adjust with the culture and lifestyle happily if the salaries paid are handsome and the savings huge. Not only do companies in Dubai pay well along with attractive incentives, they are tax-free too. So, whatever one earns, it is for him to save and spend the way he wants to without giving any of it to the government. The city offers numerous recreation options- sightseeing, architecture marvels, amusement parks, heritage villages, etc. Being the 'shopping capital of the Middle East', it surely is just the right place to be in. Jobs in Dubai definitely are the right reason to go experience a new world out there in the Middle East part of the planet.

On top of this, Dubai is closest to the concept of cosmopolitan in the Middle East, making it an extremely great city to live in. But it is still advisable that one does not assume it to be like own country and not behave according to own idea of modernity. In order to make the stay fruitful for long, follow their beliefs, practices, laws, culture and lifestyle. This shall help one being welcomed in the society and creating better contacts while working in the city. Jobs in Dubai offer one-of-a-kind experience; one must not miss the opportunity if he/she gets it.

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